Umraan Syed looks back on “Ya Gotta Move”

Chicago-based multi-genre artist Umraan Syed is a maestro of sorts who is influenced by a wide array of musical styles. On his fourth single “Ya Gotta Move”  which he singlehandedly wrote, produced, and arranged with some additional instrumentation by Lui Piluso, Syed reflects on his time spent in a special place called home. Based on true events, the song describes the feeling of having to move from that special house where so many beautiful moments were had.

“Ya Gotta Move” truly takes the fusion element to heart and displays a style that is easily accessible to passing listeners. From the solemn synth-like strings, thick 808 laden trap drums to the pop-infused melody, Syed’s melancholic approach sure does a number on our emotions. 

“Ya Gotta Move” is Umraan Syed’s fourth single from his upcoming album, House in the Vines and was the last song he made before moving out of his home. The project is the follow up to his previous LP Bismillah and continues Syed’s forward-thinking signature sound that is ripe with his insightful and profound lyrics layered over a potpourri of genres.

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