Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon keep their eye on the skies in "3D" [Video]

A group that firmly embodies to the weird and wild music scene of Portland, Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) is composed of emcee Bryson the Alien with the production and pizazz of indie-psych/rock duo Pioneer 11.  Their newest visual for the Open Mike Eagle collaboration "3D" finds the group exploring the outer reaches of traditional hip-hop; trailblazing new directions for funky, space-age alt-rap.  

Pioneer 11 concocted an instrumental that sounds something like the lovechild of a John Carpenter score and a Massive Attack instrumental that gets layered beneath a bouncy and energetic bass-driven drumbeat.  Bryson the Alien spits his menacing softcore raps while the unnerving ambiance has the listener looking toward the skies.  The visual mixes together conspiracy-bitten ham radio waves with satirical barbs and an overall quirky tone that introduces you to UAP better than any other medium could. The video also features a breakdown of Open Mike Eagle being abducted by aliens.  That alone should warrant a watch.

Able to coexist peacefully with our intergalactic neighbors all while making head-turning experimental alt-rap, keep your ears open for another close encounter with UAP as they prepare to release their debut album Casual Abductions in the very near future.

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