untrusted & pretence share soothing track, "eyes blue or brown, can't remember"

Up-and-coming lo-fi artists untrusted & pretence have shared a smooth new single called "eyes blue or brown, can't remember." The artists have recently gained a substantial following after a string of laid-back, catchy offerings, including the dreamy "Let Me Down Slowly." They return with this celestial new track, showcasing their signature style consisting of hazy instrumentation and mellow, spacey vocals.

The instrumental for "eyes blue or brown, can't remember" is centred around nocturnal, calming guitars underscored by subtle, surreal synths. Beneath, clean, sparse drums lock in the rhythm, creating a solid foundation for the track's laid-back vocals. The overall production is minimalistic, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to drift along smoothly, giving the song a hypnotic feel. This release provides a soundtrack for late nights, to help soothe one when they can't sleep. 

Hopefully more is soon to come from this rising duo, as they have been making waves in lo-fi music of late. They continue their streak of ethereal, easygoing tracks with this new cut, providing a calmative release that cuts off the noise of the world and helps us feel some inner peace. 

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