Unusual Demont is here to stay with “Pine”

Following the widespread success of his breakout debut single “Amber”, Wisconsin’s’ own Unusual Demont is back to solidify his place as one of the most promising young names in the alternative R&B lane with “Pine”. 

A child of the internet, Demont grew up exploring cultural landscapes and musical realms often considered outside most people’s comfort zones. A self-proclaimed “weirdo”, Demont draws musical influence from his life experiences. His grandfather played drums for the legendary Curtis Mayfield, and after listening to his music it starts to make sense. Taking his early family exposure to music and fusing it with his eclectic taste and years of internet exploration, he has uncovered a unique sound that’s all his own; mixing different genres and generational sounds to offer a pristine backdrop for his exceptionally smooth singing.

Keeping with the color theme, “Pine” offers a similar yet unique tone to his debut with a more straight forward R&B approach. A good groove and a funky bassline keep the vibe driving throughout the track. The bass slaps and drum beat offer a retro feel while never drifting too far into the past. Lyrically the song see’s Demont pine for a lover, wanting them to give him a second chance at love. 

It’s unclear what color on the spectrum Demont will target for his next release, but if his first two releases are any indication of what’s to come, expect it to be an eclectic approach to a familiar sound paired with his inviting buttery vocals. 

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