UZ delivers last-ever project, ‘Trinity (Deluxe)’ and delivers it track-by-track [EXCLUSIVE]

Almost exactly a year following his late 2020 Trinity LP release, French DJ and producer UZ returns to the release trenches with a deluxe, remix-packed mix version of the groundbreaking 2020 album. The Trinity (Deluxe Edition) mix LP includes a stunning blend of the original Trinity LP tracklisting, two new original tracks, and eleven exclusive remixes from the likes of prestigious talent in the bass and trap sphere, including anti., Bailo, Basstrick, bd hbt, chromonicci, Dilip, Great Dane, HWLS, LYNY, sebjin, Shöckface and yojas

UZ confidently cherry-picked every remixer knowing they would help take all original productions into a new sonic dimension. The mix LP epitomizes what trap music is all about, boasting energy-drenched bass drops and unrelenting synth stabs, and further cements UZ’s innovative musical prowess, as he continues to find fresh and exciting ways to share his artistic vision with the world.

Trinity (Deluxe Edition) boasts a rapturous new take on their favorites from the original Trinity album and gives fans the chance to experience the Trinity LP in an unforgettable way.  With the last-ever project under his beloved trap moniker, UZ continues to expand upon his power as one of the world’s greatest forefathers of trap music. 

We spoke to UZ and all of the remixers that contributed to the project to hear more about how each remix came to fruition in an EARMILK exclusive. Stream Trinity (Deluxe Edition) now:

Fire ft. SoloSam (anti. Remix): 

"When I went about starting this remix, I was finally at a place creatively where I was comfortable with the sound I'd been crafting and the methods I'd been using, so the process was very smooth and quick (which is not always the case lol). UZ is such a talented artist on his own and after hearing the original version of "Fire" I already had ideas flying. With my remix I really wanted to go for a fun, high energy, high impact track that gets you moving and keeps you going the whole way through. The vocals from Solosam are what really bring the whole thing together and having them blasting throughout the course of the track to break up the drops sold the whole thing. This has been one of my favorite tracks to work on and I'm proud to be a part of this epic remix album! Shouts out QGR >:)" – anti.

No More ft. Bishu (chromonicci Remix):

“I'm an experimenter by nature. I've always been inspired by a bunch of different sounds, so when UZ messaged me asking for a remix, I thought it would be an awesome time to lean into the heavier side of my influences. I've always listened to Mr. Carmack, TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke, and Flume, and allowed them to inspire me. With this tune in particular I found myself injecting the song with energy and groove. Was sick to sit down and just take a stab at a heavy bass tune. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and very grateful for the opportunity!” – chromonicci

Bang Bang (Bailo Remix): 

“UZ is the fucking legend and i needed to do a proper trap remix for the don. wanted it to be hard but more bouncy. it was an honor to remix a song off his album and to be a part of the quality goods fam.” – Bailo

I Can ft. Twenty8 (bd hbt & yojas Remix): 

"UZ along with the whole Quality Goods roster has been such a huge inspiration to both of our music careers, so as musicians this was a very validating experience. Semantics aside, we wanted to make sure that we delivered a dance track that reached two goals. The first was to make a track that was impactful, memorable, yet still retained the kind of attitude and personality that  our other songs share. The second goal, which has been on both our minds for sometime, was to expand our sound.Both of us as artists have been feeling boxed in by our genres recently so we used this track as an opportunity to start breaking the mold of our normal sound and start implementing a heavier, more personable sound to our music” – bd hbt

Fire ft. Solosam (Shöckface Remix):

“This was the third time attempting a remix for Quality Goods Records. The first couple of attempts were years ago and had ended up being unofficial remixes posted to my SoundCloud. Through perseverance and a true passion for the music from the artists on Quality Goods, I submitted my remix of UZ’s ‘Fire’ on Audius. The team loved it so much they included it along with UZ’s Deluxe Edition of his album ‘Trinity.’” – Shöckface

Awakening w/ Hucci (sebjin Remix): 

"The day UZ approached me to remix Awakening, I felt like I had reached another level, another goal that I had in my sights. The emotion that accompanied me throughout was determination and that's what I wanted to convey in my remix. I made a pure Trap banger in my way to honor the two legends UZ and Hucci. I was so inspired that I did all the track in 4 hours without stopping.” – sebjin

Fire ft. SoloSam (Great Dane Remix):

"I just wanted to make it super epic. Found some sick string sounds on the Nord electro and a dope Dr. Dre type lead synth sound on the SH101 so all of the synths in here are analog. Except for the wubs at the end. Those are serum as fuck. (But also dope)" – Great Dane

No Trust ft. Somber Hills (LYNY Remix): 

"I felt as if the original track carried a lot of emotion, so, instinctively I wrote an emotional remix. I wanted to keep it powerful to truly depict the idea of having "no trust" in someone or any relationship, and to depict the general lyricism by Somber Hills.” – LYNY

Rockstar ft. Holly & RIKKDARULAH (Basstrick Remix):

“The track name is a rockstar and I wanted to give that energy in the drop with some real distorted sound of guitar and bass like a rockstar would do. The intro is more trap hip hop & that’s the perfect example of what would look global street music sound like.” – Basstrick

Monster (HWLS Remix):

"I just wanted to create a big drum belter to compliment the original synths, a bit of space between the hits and for it to blow loud on a big system, UZ has been a Don within the trap scene since its origin so I wanted to have a bit of fun with it and keep it quite percussive and in your face” – HWLS

Enormous ft. Vinny Virgo (Dilip Remix):

“​​I really just wanted to have fun with it and make something that made me feel like I was back in 2010!” – Dilip

Trinity (Deluxe) LP – UZ:

“For each album of mine, there has been a huge pack of remixes put out. However, this one pack is a special one here, as it’s of my last ever album project release “Trinity”. I wanted to hit hard and invite some of my favorite producers of the moment: Bailo, LYNY, Dilip, HWLS, GreatDane, chromonicci, sebjin etc. I couldn’t be happier with the result! They each bring in a different and original take on the originals – some have been made chiller, others more upbeat and banger like…there’s some unexpected s*** right here ;-)” – UZ

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