Valkyrie deliver sassy reminder to stay unbothered on “Yaddy Ya”

New Zealand duo Valkyrie drop sassy, self-confident anthem “Yaddy Ya,” encouraging us to remain unbothered about what other people think of us. With lacerating guitars, anthemic beats and powerful vocals, the track is a refreshing and punchy showcase of the duo’s innovative approach to pop music.

Crafted on a five-string guitar, the catchy pop-rock offering see lead singer Omer Gilroy and electrifying guitarist Rebel Reid channel a youthful spirit drenched in empowerment. The track is accompanied by a vibrant music video which brings alive a fun-loving, lively vibe that invites listeners in with an easy-going charm, capturing the power and femininity connected to Valkyrie’s name.

With a suave feel that the pair describe as a “female James Bond type of song,” the track is a much-needed reminder for us to remain ourselves, the positive message delivered embedded in an upbeat, infectious build of sonics.Armed with potent talent juxtaposed against edgy style, Valkyrie is proving to be a breath of fresh air who are continuing to grow their fanbase with release, as they build momentum in preparation for more fierce pop-rock music.

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