Valley TBA share new project, 'ShowTime'

Emerging Chi-town rapper Valley TBA makes a grand entry with his new mixtape, ShowTime, a 12-track body of work that details his journey into the music industry while trying to find a balance between right and wrong. The rapper delves into how easily one can conform to the stereotypes to make a buck, and its inevitable repercussions. Over the course of 12 tracks, listeners follow the rapper from the start of his career to the height, gaining a glimpse into all the rough patches in between. From having to make life-changing decisions and losing his soul, Valley TBA gives a well-rounded view of his foray into the industry.

The project opens up with the cinematic title track where Valley TBA is a newbie in the game. He is still green and has his head on his shoulders at this stage but he is dead sure of how he is going to make his way in the industry. On "Bank Account" he flexes on the opposition over a dark textured, bass-heavy trap beat daring them to try him. The fun continues on "Fresh & Clean" as he links with King P for a bravado-filled tandem collaboration. He is somewhat reflective on "Floatin'" as he acknowledges the craziness of life and the need to stay alert at all times while on "Shots in the dark"  he digs deep into his inner demons. The guitar-driven track has a nice pop element coupled with TBA's sing-songy flow and evocative lyrics that exudes his pain on wax. The following tracks "Low Life" and "Wants & Needs" tackle the rapper's conflicting choices in life. At one point he is rolling with the punches and in other situations, he is drowning the noises out with vices. On the "Final Act" he makes use of a somber piano backdrop to summarize his personal problems ranging from fake friends, losing resources but still finding ways to overcome the burden laid on his shoulders. The track ends with an insightful speech from the rapper where he talks about being lost on the inside but having to put up a front for everyone. It's quite an honest approach and the way he delivers his lines gives listeners a balanced view of his flaws and past mistakes.

Overall Showtime sticks to one sound from start to finish. The production here is in the trap lane, with hard-hitting and bouncy beats while the verses stay true to TBA's go-getter persona. He can be fun-loving, carefree, and conscious in the same vein but on another note, he has a knack for crafting memorable choruses as well.

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