Valley TBA shares new project ‘Between The Lines’

Emerging Chi-town rapper Valley TBA shares a new project Between The Lines. A 12-track body of work that serves as his third official project and explores the rapper’s tribulations and hurdles he had to face as a student, part-time worker, and athlete. For this project, he teams up with producers Afobeats, Brino, Versus, Miah, TyDavid, Bvtman, and AE Beats who help craft the right backdrop for his personal tales.

The project opens up with “Between The Lines,” where Valley reminisces on his time in college, reliving all the numerous shenanigans he used to get up to with his friends.  This is followed by “Modern Day Hell,” a bass-heavy track that sees him detailing his experience as a black man trying to stay out of trouble and achieve his goals. On “Never Free,” he switches into bravado mode over a vocal sample-driven atmospheric beat while he delivers some entertaining faux crooning over the ethereal sounds on “Angels Touch.”  On “Read You,” he switches into a smooth melodic flow which he uses to pour adulations over the woman who caught his heart. Even though Valley handles most of the vocals himself, he teams up with Tae Breezy on the somber “Brighter Days,” a record that details his work ethic and determination to be successful despite all the odds laid before him. Between The Lines closes out on a somber note with the jazzy vibes of “Greatness.” The record is a snapshot of Valley’s college life as he balances his vices and educational progress.

Between The Lines really shows a slightly different side of Valley TBA and his growth as an artist and a solid follow-up to his previous release Showtime.

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