Verra Cruz drop their adrenalized new offering “The World Is Crashing In”

Verra Cruz form the alt-rock-infused British trio consisting of Marc James, Henry Cross, and Jimmy Cooke. As they soar back into the scene with their new single “The World Is Crashing In”, they take the power of their lyricism and sonic abilities to new heights.

With humbling emotion and simply raw authenticity, their latest single takes a slower, more provoking turn to its predecessors. Marc explains, “The World Is Crashing In was written during the painful season of Henry’s divorce. It was tough going for all of us to watch 2 people we loved dearly, separate. For me, it brought up painful memories from my own childhood. The second verse was written from a time in my own childhood. Our family home had been flooded due to a burst pipe, it wrecked so much stuff including my mum’s wedding dress that she had kept. It seemed like a dark and apt metaphor for the impending carnage of what was to come.”

As their narratives escalate, so do the gripping guitar riffs, driven basslines and reverb-fuelled melodies that encase Verra Cruz’s outstanding fables. Despite the metaphorical melancholy that flows throughout, there’s an overriding sense of catharsis in “The World Is Crashing In.” They confide, “It’s ok to not be ok, you can always start again.”

This stand-out single makes Verra Cruz a band to watch in coming months. As they gear up for another exciting year, we’re reminded that the trio are never afraid to stand up for what they truly believe in.

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