Vicky Pasion delivers feel-good sophomore EP Soul Star

Rising London singer Vicky Pasion realises her full sonic potential on pop-soul sophomore EP, Soul Star, which explores the ups and downs of love in 8 luscious offerings of pop hooks and her sultry vocals.

The MOBO-supported collection of tracks moves through an enticing soundscape of classic R&B ballads infused with touches of hypnotic pop, all of which is held together by the soothing feels of Pasion’s gentle voice.

Beginning with the graceful, slow stylings of “Let Go,” the EP quickly pulls us with its emotive nature before the acoustic nature of “Burn Slow,” gives her versatile vocal range a chance to shine.

The EP which Pasion describes as her ”lockdown baby” is stocked full of groovy, chilled R&B vibes from the sensual build and soaring notes of “U& Me,” to the rhythmic beats of joyful track “Spring Time,” and the electro-tinged arrangement of “Unmet Expectations.”

While her debut EP captured emotional moments of heartbreak and mental health struggles, Soul Staris much more feel-good and upbeat, with affirmative sounds and impassioned song writing elevating earworm melodies.

However, on penultimate offering and stand-out track “Another Day” the EP slows things down with gentle musicality and her comforting voice lulling us into a meditative state, before finishing things off the with live, acoustic version of “Let Go,” her enchanting talent leaving us wanting more.

With a musical style rooted in finding strength in vulnerability, Soul Starsees Vicky Pasion bloom as an artist with grace, honesty and versatility, feeding us with bursting anticipation for what’s to come next from her.

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