[VIDEO] Divine Sweater drops tranquil track “In The Comedown”

Boston-hailing five-piece Divine Sweater shares another glimpse of upcoming project Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse)with tranquil track “In The Comedown,” led by melodic vocals floating over a dense instrumentation.

[embedded content]

Capturing the challenge of staying fully present in a moment, the track spans the theme of transcendence within its hypnotic sonics as the creative lyrics draws inspiration from the poetic form of pantoum, constantly repeating and recycling lines to create new meaning out of familiar phrases.

Melancholic yet soothing, the track came to life in rural Maine amidst a June sunset at a lake, with the calming power of the waters and the dancing lights of the sun crafting vibrant visuals that blossomed into an intricate soundscape.

With the sci-fi inspired album set to be a series of vignettes from the end of the world, “In The Comedown,” evokes strong emotions much like the rest of the project which seamlessly moves from hope and joy to loss and regret.

Having developed a strong artistry of tight vocal harmonies and groovy sonics, Divine Sweater are all geared up to deliver an immersive and captivating fantasy-ridden tale in their forthcoming LP.

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