[VIDEO] JMSEY and Beck Pete reflect on modern romance on “I’ll Be Okay”

Asian-American, London-based multi-instrumentalist JMSEY teams up with indie pop act Beck Pete on edgy yet melodic offering “I’ll Be Okay,” which highlights the complexity of modern romance within a hard-hitting but catchy sonic shell.

Inspired by how relationship dynamics have changed in the face of dating apps and the human mentality that urges us to quit on relationships, the duo subvert a melancholic post-relationship narrative into a contemplative and self-aware number.

The track sees JMSEY and Pete represent opposite spectrums of breakup. Where JMSEY’s heartbroken lyrical lines,”I wanna break up and wake up next to you,” weave a tale of someone wanting lost love, even if it’s bad for you, Pete’s take “I wanna break up and wake up with your friends,” leans toward the sentiment of a scorned lover.

The duo’s sonic chemistry comes to life on-screen on the accompanying music video which shines bright in a celebration of a ride-or-die friendship, supporting and encouraging each other to move past their individual romantic failures, as the track ends with an optimistic note that everything will be okay in the end.

Managing to balance soulful yearning with a fun, carefree attitude,”I’ll Be Okay,” sees two artists in their own musical prime play off each other brilliantly, capturing heartbreak and healing with an explosive fusion of both their sounds.

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