[VIDEO] Niina Soleil issues challenge to a prospective lover on “Flowers On Fire”

Los Angeles R&B/indie-pop singer-songwriter Niina Soleil strikes a stunning balance between passion and tension on new single “Flowers On Fire,” a straight-forward call-out towards a prospective lover, which lets them know that the ball is in their court to make a move in their blossoming romance.

With hypnotic pop sensibilities built on an atmospheric instrumentation of hazy beats and smooth guitars is carried by her sultry vocals to hit notes of suspense and sensuality with ease, delivering a self-confident and enticing challenge.

The summery track, co-written byJeremy Ruzumna and Erik Janson, is accompanied by a cinematic music video encapsulating the folksy and laid-back artistry that musician Nina Shallman has honed under her musical alias.

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