[VIDEO] Punk rock trio Beverly Crusher share video for explosive single “Scab”

Seattle punk rock trio Beverly Crusher drop explosive single “Scab,” the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album Waste of Waves.With a gritty soundscape filled to the brim with lacerating guitar lines and booming basslines elevated by wild, loud vocals, the track balances powerful sonics with introspective messages.

Built around an anthemic chorus chant “waste of waves,” the track weaves around existential ideas of mortality, inspired by frontman Cozell Wilson’s stroke in 2017 and his slow and steady progress into normalcy.

Though given a personal touch coming from Wilson’s experience, “Scab,” is still a relatable sonic tale of realising our own self-destructive behaviours and not letting bad moments in life keeping us down forever.

Thoughtful themes offsetting layers of highly energetic, heavy rock instrumentation, the track is accompanied by a psychedelic video of flashing lights which is vibrant and unsettling all at once. With “Scab,” being the first glimpse of an album they’ve worked on for three years, Beverly Crusher are leaving us on  notes of high anticipation.

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