[VIDEO] Taylor Grey delivers dark indie-pop release “Idiot”

Taylor Grey has been keeping busy the past few weeks as she has released two new singles in the past month. Following the release of “Ever Knew Me,” the second and most current track “Idiot,” which has an accompanying video, is the new focus of her upcoming release, out this September. “Idiot” strongly showcases her development as an artist and movement towards a more mature and sonic sound, one that she has honed for the past several years.

The accompanying visualizer captures the meaning behind Grey’s emphasis on her past relationships gone sour. The video strongly models her moody angst as it uses scenes which embody the words described in her lyrics to share her sense of frustration, sensitivity and hope for brighter days ahead. “Idiot” embodies the raw emotions with her dark talent for creating indie pop.

Taylor Grey is inspired by artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Avril Lavigne. This has helped to influence her to create a diverse and sultry sound.  Driven by an intricate spirit that is vibrant, seductive, classy, and distinctive, Taylor is quickly paving her way in the music industry.  With several additional releases slated for the upcoming months, Taylor continues to be true to herself, while creating music with a message.

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