[Video] Zack Keim delivers wistful number “Better Days”

Pittsburgh-based indie alt-folk talent Zack Keim delivers wistful number “Better Days,” with an uplifting reflection on the struggles and hope of our youth. Led by up-tempo rhythms and vintage six-string textures, the track showcases the Keim’s sonic complexity managing to leap into a new era while still harkening back to his garage-rock roots.

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Co-written with indie singer-songwriter Matt Costa and Chad Monticue as an introspection of personal ups and downs, the hopeful track leaves us looking forward to better times ahead. Weaving a vivid tale that summons a gentle yearning and nostalgia, the offering is complimented by evocative and vibrant visuals to match the blissful melodies.

With Keim currently at work on his second solo album Battery, this latest production much like his recent releases sees this well-versed act re-discover and reintroduce his artistry.

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