Vincent Black makes his debut with “Passing Clouds”

New on the scene comes the singer-songwriter and producer, Vincent Black, with his debut slow burning track “Passing Clouds.” With lots on the books for the year, Black hopes to not only get on your mind but to stay there. 

Immersed in all of the bedroom pop feels, emerges the Long Island native Vincent Black on his quest to win over your hearts with moody melodies, soulful arrangements and cryptic yet compelling narratives. “Passing Clouds” is no exception as it resonates with retro analog keys and drives home his message of taking a step back and appreciating the little things in life. His channels ooze nostalgia while carrying it’s own spirit and sense of originality.

Being a classically trained pianist enables Black to intertwine his knowledge with his production, creating silky smooth songs covered in lush pianos and subtle drums. “Passing Clouds” comes at the right time, reminding us all that tomorrow is a new day, and that all things will eventually pass…just like the clouds.

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