Virginia rapper Sækyi leaves no stone unturned on his sincere new project, ‘Sunset Demo’s’

In a world where fast-food music is king, it can feel challenging to try and get people to consume something a bit more substantial. Still, music is built off of emotion, and there’s nothing quite like discovering an artist who stands on that ethos. Hailing from Virginia, rising emcee Sækyi is exactly one of those artists. Known for his stark, introspective lyrics that pair well with his gloomy, low-tempo production, he checks into our pages for the first time with his heartfelt new project, Sunset Demo’s

Clocking in at six tracks, the 39-minute affair is a moody, emotional journey that finds Sækyi leaving no stone unturned. Sticking to the theme that the title loosely suggests, the project relies on low-tempo, bass-heavy production that allows room for the VA native to breathe creatively. Meshing together elements of punk rock and lo-fi hip-hop, he infectiously touches on a sound that not many artists are currently making.

On tracks like “Memories” and “Free Fall,” we get to see Sækyi let his guard down a bit, choosing to let the listeners know a bit more about his personal life, with the latter being buoyed by introspective lyrics such as, “I was born to be a sinner / But I dreamed to be star.” This mindset is the pocket he spends most of the project in, wrestling through his mental state as he ponders his life in many different ways.

Another standout on the project is, “Apt. 706,” which finds Sækyi and featured artist, Eric Penn meshing together wonderfully over the Brandon Jhon production. Speaking on his relationship with a special woman, this record is one of the rare moments on the project where the stakes don’t seem as high, and fun is more of a priority. 

After establishing his brand by releasing a handful of engaging releases in 2020, it’s encouraging to see Sækyi double down and continue to take his sound in the right direction. Take a listen to the project above and get familiar with one of Virginia’s hardest working emcees.

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