Von Boyáge let’s fate take its course in “Laissez Faire”

Los Angeles duo Von Boyáge drops the laid-back, easy breezy new tune “Laissez Faire.” Written about having to reluctantly say goodbye to an unfortunate situation, singer Christopher Hocker speaks openly from the heart. It isn’t easy to walk away from a relationship, but if something isn’t making you happy anymore, then why try to force it? Although the narrative may seem melancholy, “Laissez Faire” actually emits a feel-good vibe, bringing a feeling of empowerment to owning your decisions in life. 

The mellow song features a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere, layered vocal harmonies and delicate guitar melodies. Accompanied by tropical drums from Stevie Noah and muted, soothing tones, this is the kind of track you’ll want on repeat, to help rid of any blues. Hocker shares, “Sometimes in life it is best to adopt a “Laissez Faire” approach and stop trying to control everything. Letting nature take its course is sometimes the best policy.”

Von Boyáge are known for their uplifting, summery tracks, always delivering the goods when you’re in need of some So-Cal indie pop. With only a handful of tracks released to date, it seems as if the duo have a promising future ahead of them. These guys are onto something and we’re all about it.

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