Wale declares that it’s okay to be “Flawed” [Video]

Lyrically gifted Wale is back with some more poetic magic with his new release “Flawed.” The first few catchy yet deep words “Everybody flawed, I could never need you…Ain’t nobody God, God, God, God, God” sets the tone for a vulnerable track filled with emotional lyrics.

Wale is an unquestionably versatile artist. He is able to spit fiery bars and conscious rap, bringing awareness to the inequality of Black Lives, such as in his impactful video “Sue Me.” On the other hand, Wale is also especially known for his poetic wordplay and his ability to make songs for the ladies. This is demonstrated in many of his tracks, such as “On Chill,” Lotus Flower Bomb,” and “My PYT.” 

“Flawed” is another brilliant track that quickly paints a beautiful picture of love in our minds as soon as Wale starts rapping. With yet another track that is entirely filled with metaphors, it is clear that he is able to directly touch our hearts through powerful lyricism. Through heartfelt lyrics, Wale releases his raw emotions through music as he shows us what time does to some love stories.

This track features Gunna, adding an extra layer to the deepness of this track with his smooth voice and delivery. The black and white visual combines perfectly with the theme and lyrics, giving it a cold-feel that matches the tone, making it interesting since there is plenty of vulnerability yet a certain level of numbness in the emotion present at the same time. The lyrics, visual, and the light sounds in the background create a flawless environment allowing raw emotion to spill regardless of how cold the world can get. 

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