Walshy – “Just Walk Away”, featuring Housewife [EM: Premiere]

Dublin musician, Walshy is a man who wears many hats and is a lover of music regardless of the genre. Having grown up on the sounds of Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Beach House, Kanye and Alex G to name a few, one can say his musical palette is as diverse as the united colours of Benetton. Last year alone, he released 6 singles that showcased his versatility as he traverses hip-hop, jazz, indie dance and emo-pop in a heartbeat and now he returns with his first release for 2023 titled “Just Walk Away”.  The record is a mixed bag of sounds that fuse lofi bedroom pop elements with dusty boom-bap aesthetics and soulful textures reminiscent of Ye’s early work. The drums are punchy and the layered sounds exude a nostalgic and sombre feeling of the past. Walshy’s unassuming vocals also play a significant role as he delivers his melodies with an almost nonchalant energy that slowly builds up as the track moves along.

The accompanying visuals filmed by Cian Redmond and directed by animator Cilllg (Cillian Green) are as zany and psychedelic as they come. The concept takes inspiration from the popular 80s RTE children’s show called The Den and fuses it with an unorthodox aesthetic where angels float overhead and caterpillars smoke blunts, and its residents are free to be as weird as they want. It is pretty engaging as we follow Walshy as he explores a magical forest filled with trippy woodland creatures and uncharted ecosystems.

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