Watch Toronto duo OBRIGADO air out their "Dirty Laundry" [Video]

The genre-bending originality of Jesse Lucas and Ryan Borges (aka OBRIGADO) first showed itself as the woozy debut single "Hush" a little over a month ago.  Introducing themselves with dizzying synths and foggy lyricism, their debut established a sound to expect from them in the future.  New single "Dirty Laundry" expounds upon this sound with some extra wiggle room for the undeniable personalities of its frontmen to take full control.

"Dirty Laundry" is a little more catchy and caffeinated than "Hush" as it finds the Northern duo at their most melodic and captivating.  A playful bass lick pairs with a bouncy guitar loop that sets the stage for the duo to take control with their tongue-in-cheek, understated braggadocio that delivers a one-two punch of pure sonic charisma.  Never lacking panache, Lucas and Borges look something like celebrities in the Filip Lee & Ethan Godel-directed accompanying visual, as they roll through the streets of Toronto.  That has to be one of the most intriguing parts of the group's narrative, the disregard for formalities and the audio psychosis they can create with a slick line here and a wry smile there. 

The left-of-center style and implacably whimsical demeanor of OBRIGADO is a breath of fresh air that still somehow seems familiar to most fans of the un-genre-able genre.  Having already defined a distinct and authentic sound, it will be exciting to watch the multifaceted duo continue to build upon an extremely promising start after their first few singles.  

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