whiterosemoxie returns with energetic new EP, 'TROJAN'

Detroit musician whiterosemoxie has returned with an energetic new EP called TROJAN. The rising 18 year old artist, who has garnered acclaim for his powerful 2020 LP white ceilings, recently earned a record deal with renowned imprint 300 Entertainment. For this latest release, he presents a sonic tour-de-force that employs heavy, droning beats and infectious melodies to create a truly immersive atmosphere.

TROJAN kicks off with "ITACHI", a track that is both imposing and catchy. Over top of metallic synths and booming drums, whiterosemoxie delivers intense vocals that demonstrate his keen ear for melodies. Next, EP highlight "0006TeslaSpaceForce" provides a more moody instrumental containing dream-like, stormy synths and crisp percussion. His vocal range on this track is impressive, as he switches effortlessly between aggressive rap flows and graceful melodies. Another highlight appears in "Beeline", the most widely known track from the record. The progression between the tracks calms the energy, bringing in drifting guitars to capture a wistful mood. Beneath, bouncy drums and elastic 808s create a memorable rhythm, providing a rich foundation for his dynamic vocals. 

"sstars" with Kato on the Track uses distorted guitars to create an intriguing sound, contrasting with whiterosemoxie's clean vocals to great effect. The song's fast-paced drum line and rubbery bass tie it together neatly, making for a genre-blending cut that demands many re-listens. "The Skript" ups the energy once again, bringing in blistering guitars and spirited drums to induce an enthralling mood. His songwriting shines through on this track, as he delivers a particularly catchy hook that draws the listener in. Lastly, he closes out the EP with "luck ain't real" and "Run, Run", two potent tracks that finish the project on a high note. 

TROJAN is a strong release that brims with potential, showcasing whiterosemoxie's sharp songwriting ability and gift for melodies. The production is elegant and expansive, as a series of consistently effective beats provide a surreal score for his energizing vocals. For an artist of only 18 years old, his sound is mature and poised, and it is clear that he has crafted it meticulously. Hopefully more is soon to come from whiterosemoxie, who now has two strong recent releases under his belt with TROJAN and last year's white ceilings.

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