WHOiSEE teams up with Rioux V for energizing single “Chosen”

Bass music producer WHOiSEE brings relentless energy to his newest track, which features some inventive, combatant bars from Florida rapper Rioux V. For those who have any experience with the EDM scene, Brett Hopkin, aka WHOiSEE, likely needs little introduction. The Austin-based multi-instrumentalist has been a firm fixture in EDM for the past decade, operating first under his stage name Madhatter! And then as a mentor, teacher, and director at the influential Dub Academy Music School in his home city. In 2022, he founded a new musical project named WHOiSEE. As the name might already suggest, the project involved Hopkin being true to the type of artist he sees himself as in the modern-day world.

Since the start of 2023, Hopkin has released a flurry of tracks under the WHOiSEE name, starting with the seismic “Colossal” single. In that short time, he’s also racked up six-figure streaming figures. This has solidified his welcome return to the electronic/dance music scene. But “Chosen”, which features a collaboration with Tampa rapper Rioux V, is perhaps WHOiSEE’s most ambitious release to date.

Featuring Hopkins’ signature brand of pulsating energy, tech mastery, drops, delays, pace changes, switches, and otherworldly beats, it sounds like absolutely the last place that a rap collaboration should fit. However, WHOiSEE displays his musical mastery on this track, with Rioux V’s rapidfire vocals holding in seamlessly, in a blazing fashion.

The latest from WHOiSEE, “Chosen” is a potent new song that demonstrates his focus as a producer and songwriter, nad it finds him sharing a natural chemistry with Rioux V.

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