Wiki & Navy Blue team up for "Can't Do This Alone"

Wiki and Navy Blue are a bi-coastal duo, with the former hailing from New York and the latter from Los Angeles. Despite slightly different styles, with Wiki's barking ferocity and Navy Blue's somber contemplation, it is a collaboration that makes much sense. Both artists have achieved widespread acclaim in hip-hop's underground in the past decade, gaining praise for their free-spirited experimentation and meticulous lyricism. For their newest single "Can't Do This Alone" the two artist's styles meet at a mid point, pairing laid-back, jazzy grooves with abrasive, textural samples.

The instrumental for "Can't Do This Alone" is centred around coarsely chopped, gritty samples that ring out over dusty, raw percussion. The samples meld nicely with the rhythm section to create an engaging balance between cacophonous sounds and grounded grooves. This beat is a suiting foundation for the two rappers' heartfelt vocals, with Wiki delivering a characteristically expressive verse, and Navy Blue providing a more subdued cadence. 

"Can't Do This Alone" is a single off the duo's upcoming album Half God, with Wiki providing the majority of the vocals and Navy Blue producing the beats. It is evident from this track that the pair share a natural, effortless chemistry, as they weave their dynamic verses together with ease. This song is a strong offering that has us especially excited for the full album, which is expected October 1st and features Earl Sweatshirt, MIKE, Duendita, and more. 

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