Wil Akogu drops off his reflective new album, 'Die An Idea'

Although migrating away from your home country is never easy, being able to see different parts of the world and receive potential opportunities is a blessing. Born in Nigeria, rising artist Wil Akogu moved to the states when he was 11-years-old, bouncing between American cultural hubs like Chicago and Los Angeles. Though he was around a new influence, Akogu never lost his connection to his culture, as he meshed elements of his homeland with styles from where he built himself as an artist. Looking to showcase this style, he checks in with his impressive new album, Die An Idea.

Clocking in at 11-tracks, Die An Idea is a peek into the mind of Akogu, as he leaves no emotional stone unturned. Touching on topics ranging from religion and relationships to things like perseverance, Akogu does a brilliant job of articulating his feelings throughout the reflective project. On records like, “WTMM,” he creates an air of uneasiness as he details a time in which he realized he had little to lose and was ready to risk it, accompanied by a video that appropriately captures that feeling to a tee. Other standouts from the project include, “Grown,” “REDLIGHT” and “God’s Chant,” a 3-song-run that perhaps showcases Akogu’s potential in the most accurate way.

With a couple of strong projects under his belt, it’s now time to hop on the Wil Akogu bandwagon. Take a listen to Die An Idea below and get familiar for yourself.

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