Will Jay shares new introspective single “Please Don’t Get Any Older”

Up-and-coming artist Will Jay masterfully crafts a multi-layered pop track that we cannot get enough of. With heart-wrenching lyrics and a dazzling piano-led background, Will Jay blows away listeners on his new single “Please Don’t Get Any Older”.

The beginning of “Please Don’t Get Any Older” is as minimal as you can get. Over a slow, mournful piano Will Jay lets his voice be the real instrument as he sings with varying vocal inflections matching the tone of the agonizing lyrics. He describes creating the song almost as a form of therapy for him as he has had to deal with the “silent heartbreak of watching his parents age.” The song parallels this struggle.

He begins the track with a passionately raw opening, and as it progresses, the production leads to a crescendo of different instrumentals. The lyrics are extremely mature and complex for an artist so young, but Jay shows the talent of much older artists throughout the single. The ability to cherry-pick old and new production styles to provide a maturing progression to the song is highly impressive. The production, voice, and lyrics all create a song truly perfect to help anyone through getting past the fact of aging. 

Will Jay puts all of his varying talents out there on “Please Don’t Get Any Older” allowing for a unique, deeply personal single. Stay tuned to his socials as he is bound to continue releasing great songs like “Please Don’t Get Any Older”. 

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