Willum Maindo reminds us to believe in ourselves on “Slay This Bitch”

London musician Willum Maindo serves up a reminder to each of us to fully believe in ourselves on punchy single “Slay This Bitch.”Packed with power and personality, the track makes use of a minimal soundscape to a hard-hitting effect, with vibrant synths and booming basslines forming the foundation for Maindo’s playful vocal delivery.

Wrapped up in his trademark blend of 90s R&B classics, American Rap, and Hip-Hop swirled together with a generous helping for DIY spirity, the self-produced number shows off Maindo’s ability to bring empowering song writing together with earworm melodies.

Speaking of the track, he said: “Slay In This Bitch is aggressively sassy and hyper in energy, the song’s main purpose was to be a reminder to myself and anyone that you can literally rule the world if you carry yourself with confidence and if you fully believe in yourself.”

An artist who has been embedded in the delicate music making craft since the age of 14,Willum Maindo has refined his talent with every piece of music he has put out. Carefully and seamlessly delivering up something that’s charming and crisp that has us feeling better about ourselves, this rising star leaves us wanting more of him.

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