Willy Hobal releases a new EP “Virgo”

Willy Hobal, a highly respected and influential figure in the world of reggaeton, made waves once more with his groundbreaking new EP, “Virgo.” This 6-track masterpiece, which spans 14 minutes and 16 seconds, is a testament to Willy Hobal’s unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and empowerment within the music industry.

Willy Hobal has emerged as a trailblazer for change and unity in a genre often criticized for objectifying lyrics and a male-dominated landscape. As an artist committed to creating music that inspires and uplifts, particularly for members of the LGBTQ+ community, Willy Hobal’s “Virgo” EP is a true breath of fresh air.

The EP opens with the title track, “Virgo,” a reggaeton anthem that celebrates individuality and authenticity. With its infectious beats and empowering lyrics, Willy Hobal invites listeners to embrace their authentic selves and break free from societal expectations.

The electrifying journey continues with “Wiily From The Block” and “On The Dance Floor,” both of which showcase Willy Hobal’s signature sound and magnetic presence. These tracks are infused with self-confidence and charisma, encouraging listeners to let loose and be themselves.

As the EP draws to a close with “Danca,” listeners are left with euphoria long after the final note. Willy Hobal’s music transcends boundaries, bringing people together on the dance floor and beyond.

“Virgo” is a movement. It represents a new era in reggaeton where gender neutrality, diversity, and inclusivity take center stage. Willy Hobal’s unwavering commitment to empowering the LGBTQ+ community and promoting positive change within the genre is palpable in every track. With this groundbreaking release, Willy Hobal is poised to continue making history and inspiring countless fans around the globe.

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