WizTheMc’s new single “Lied” expresses how hard it can be to communicate

As a big proponent of communication, I would rather someone be brutally honest with me than to lie. But when the roles are reversed and it’s my turn to bare my soul, I sometimes find myself shying away from telling the truth. There are a plethora of reasons for it that range from sparing the other person’s feelings to protecting my own. But at the end of the day, I am left with the nagging feeling of knowing that maybe things could’ve been different if I was just honest. WizTheMc‘s new single, “Lied,” is the manifestation of that feeling when it eventually bubbles up to the surface.  

The track starts with the distortion of a guitar amp, followed by fingerpicked electric guitar. Wiz starts the song with the chorus, singing, “Yeah I lied / If I said everything’s fine / If I told you I don’t mind / If you go your own way,” setting us up for the story of how he came to this point. When his vocal begins, the guitar falls to the background and a groove immediately takes shape with the addition of the bass and, what sounds like, the sharp strike of a tambourine. Originally finding his voice while freestyle rapping in German over Youtube beats in high school, “Lied” is a combination of that same hip-hop flow and newer elements of pop that he’s been exploring.

His flow and lyricism in the verses exemplify his foundation as a rapper. He starts to become more vulnerable in the first verse as the story of a lack of communication from both parties starts to take hold, “Fell in your lap / Now thats my home / Can’t call you back / ‘Cause you switched phones / Now to who should I go / And who should I trust.” As the song builds, Wiz’s vocal lets us in on the urgency of his feelings as his voice becomes raw, as he nearly yells, “Feel like I’m losing you,” the addition of the background vocals making it that much more dire. The pre-chorus adds a layer to the story, as we are let in on the internal battle that Wiz is going through in this relationship knowing it may not be good for him, “And you know how I feel / You broke open my veil / I’m too broke to reveal / How I could love you again.” Towards the end we are brought back to the chorus, as both Wiz and listeners are left to think about all the ways things could’ve gone differently.

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