World’s First Cinema share bold new single with ‘Supernatural’

Fast-rising duo World’s First Cinema have had one of the most eventful and explosive years in music. After releasing their highly-anticipated debut EP Rituals in early 2021, the group has showed no signs of slowing down. Post-EP singles like “The Woods” and “Make Me a Monster” have generated millions of streams from fans and hint at the new sonic approach the band is exploring. Now, World’s First Cinema is back again with a dark, yet upbeat pop-rock track titled “Supernatural,” a perfect complement to the previous singles. 

Just as their name suggests, World’s First Cinema seek to bring cinematic, grandiose elements to modern pop and rock. The duo consists of award-winning rock producer Fil Thorpe and LA-based pop vocalist John Sinclair. These two come together to make genre-bending, unassuming pop with explosive production and dark, narrative-driven lyrics. 

“Supernatural” surely fits into the established style the duo has been perfecting while subtly adding elements of bedroom pop and electronic music. The track begins with a bouncy bass line before transforming into an extravagant, explosion of rock riffs and lively vocals. This juxtaposition of calm melodies and bold production provides an alluring cinematic style, reminiscent of bands like Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance.

Speaking about the new single, the duo said, “‘Supernatural’ is a nod to the cinematic roots where this project first began. We feel that we’ve grown so much since we released our debut EP and we feel our music is reflecting that. Our songs will always have a cinematic element but ‘Supernatural’ really revives the overtly epic tones of our first EP. We wanted this track to be a sign to our fans to always expect those sonics from us as we explore different styles in our writing.” 

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