Woxow shares two singles “Solid As A Rock” (feat. Natty Campbell) and “Blueprint” (feat. Raashan Ahmad)

Vienna-based Woxow is a DJ, producer, promoter of events and founder of the eclectic label Little Beat More. With his exploits spreading in clubs all over Europe and his love for funk, jazz and hip-hop to electronic music, he is bringing something different to the scene. His latest effort is the 2-pack release “Solid As A Rock” and  “Blueprint” where both tracks showcase his versatility as a musician and connoisseur of ear-pleasing sounds.

“Solid as a Rock” sees him connecting with London-based MC Natty Campbell over a modern jazz-hop soundscape. The track is bolstered by spirited horn sections, warm piano riffs and crunchy drum grooves that ebb and flow as the track progresses. for the first minute and a half, listeners are blessed with some groovy and soothing sounds and shortly after, MC Natty Campbell introduces himself as the original toastmaker with his booming vocals and smooth melodic Patois accented performance which adds that quintessential live dancehall feel to the track. There is so much to unpack as well as the fusion of hip-hop, dancehall and jazz takes the dynamism of the track to another plateau.

The second track “Blueprint” is a moody track that is made up of insightful lyrics provided by rapper Rashaan Ahmad over a dark off-kilter soundscape. The use of woozy synths, airy horns and rumbling percussion-driven grooves gives it a somewhat ethereal and cinematic feel that allows Rashaan to dig deep to search for answers regarding the long-forgotten pasts while connecting the knowledge of the ancestors and music. The lyrics are quite visceral and vivid and will surely leave listeners deep in thought for a while.

Both tracks are taken from the EP How many ancestors do we have, out now on Little Beat More!

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