Xan DuBose released her latest single, “Serious Craving”

Xan DuBose, an upcoming artist known for emotive storytelling, has just released her latest single, “Serious Craving.” The song features a soulful voice and a narrative that captures the essence of desire and vulnerability.

“Serious Craving” is a confession showcasing the forbidden fruit’s intoxicating allure. With each lyric, DuBose bares her soul, capturing the tumultuous aftermath of love lost and the relentless pursuit of what sets the heart ablaze.

In a recent statement, Xan DuBose shares that she wanted to break free from the confines of convention and take a fearless approach with this single. This echoes throughout the track as she embraces her sensuality and vulnerability, refusing to shy away from the intensity of her emotions.

Drawing inspiration from pop, country, and alt-rock, DuBose delivers a performance transcending genres. The song features echoes of Allen Stone’s soulful resonance, Amy Winehouse’s raw vulnerability, and Carrie Underwood’s magnetic stage presence, making it a genre-defying masterpiece.

The release of “Serious Craving” is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video starring DuBose herself alongside Trey Francis. The video is set to visually encapsulate the song’s themes of desire, love, and tension and is scheduled to be released two weeks after the single’s debut.

With “Serious Craving,” Xan DuBose proves herself not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a remarkable storyteller who weaves emotions into melodies and leaves an indelible mark on listeners’ hearts. As the world awaits eagerly, one thing is certain: Xan DuBose is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of music.

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