Xavier Collins explores indie-folk bliss on “Sanctified”

Releasing his new soothing & expressive new Indie-Folk track is London based singer-songwriter Xavier Collins. Released via APEIRON Sound’s record label Two Keys Records, his new single “Sanctified” is a gentle listen which best suits those early morning car journeys. It’s easy to see where Collins gets his musical taste from, with influences by well-known artists such as Dylan, The Lumineers, Nick Mulvey and Bon Iver. 

Growing up in France, Australia and New Zealand, Collins spent most of his adult life as an Entrepreneur after leaving Australia to start his own business whilst sofa surfing across the US. His love for music was rediscovered at age 30 during the covid-19 lockdowns where he focused his time to write Sanctified. With steady guitar chords, lightly moving bass guitars and distant sounds of banjos, Sanctified stands as an Indie-Folk track that deserves the utmost attention.

“Sanctified” is part of a stunning EP exploring the layers of his sound and musical journey, as Xavier explains..

“This EP I started writing when I turned 30 and realized my biggest regret was not pursuing music. I wrote this music whilst traveling the world – living in Mexico, Europe and the US following the end of a relationship that meant a lot to me. It was my biggest fear to actually commit to creating music having spent my life as an entrepreneur building businesses like Deliveroo and now Turo. It’s an EP that was within me for years but took a crazy break up, a mid-life crisis and a hit of DMT of Mexico to actually create. The songs chart falling in love, a tumultuous and fractured relationship and the end. The EP closes with elegy – ‘I wrote this song like your elegy, to honor the disease you grew inside of me’ and an instrumental entitled “lost in time” — in reality it marks the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.”

Sanctified is out now on all streaming platforms.

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