Xhoana X channels her inner Harley Quinn in “Deepest Pleasure”

Xhoana X returns with an enthralling dark electronic single “Deepest Pleasure.” Inspired by the bad queen character Harley Quinn, “Deepest Pleasure” is about owning your self-confidence and playful side, even if it is a bit psychotic and naughty. The singer confides, “The track started as a ‘mood song’ for when you’re feeling like you’re ‘That Bitch’ and exuding that confidence that says I’m feelin’ myself, don’t fuck with me, cuz I’m not asking for your opinion.”

The Albanian born musician is all about setting the mood with her captivating music, taking the listener to that little dark goth side in themselves where they feel free to indulge. With her upcoming EP entitled Villain, Xhoana X took inspiration from her musical heroes Massive Attack and Portishead, as well as random serial killer magazines that were left in the record studio where she recorded. Her music is at times sinister but in a fun tongue-in-cheek way, bringing the idea that owning your own dark side can actually bring you to the light. Sonically, “Deepest Pleasure” features synth-pop soundscapes, throbbing basslines and haunting layered vocals, creating a devilishly desirable banger.

The prolific songwriter is also a professional model and an Instagram influencer. Her debut release dropped in 2018 and since then, Xhoana X has released a series of electronic-synth, industrial-tinged singles. Her past is shrouded in a bit of a mystery, but she is open about her Eastern European heritage which permeates throughout her music.

Take a listen to “Deepest Pleasure” now and be your own bad bitch!

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