XHOANA X delivers her haunting, introspective new single “Crimson”

Los Angeles based artist XHOANA X unveils her latest single “Crimson”— a new track narrating the need for letting go and succumbing to the emotions of simply feeling good. Whether it’s a vice, or a person, whatever it is that makes you feel happy, XHOANA X reminds us to let it in and relish in those radiating sensations.

The minimalist production behind “Crimson” emits an almost eerie atmosphere, with the singer’s celestial, falsetto vocals floating atop dreamy, electronic soundscapes and a throbbing rhythm section. XHOANA X’s unique songwriting stems from her love of looking at life through different lenses and analyzing tall the weird and wonderful things that occur in our day-to-day lives. The Albanian born artist shares, “I love movies, poetry & visual art so they always play a big part of me creating and expressing my take on it all. They play like a story with intense emotion whatever it may be depending on the song.”

Through a subtle intensity, “Crimson” packs a punch, with XHOANA X casting a shadow of darkness, while simultaneously bringing light with her uplifting lyrics. Listening to the multi-layered indie-pop sounds of XHOANA X is like cleansing the soul and ridding it of all sins.

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