Yarlie delves into heartbreak on debut EP 'Stupid With a Sore Heart'

Swedish alt-pop musician Yarlie infuses vibrance into heartbreak on debut EP Stupid With a Sore Heart, an uplifting collection of six tracks built on her lilting vocals and rich pop soundscapes. Channelling her passion for empowerment, the EP brims with positive messages and feminist themes that leave us feeling good about ourselves.

Opening with the soaring melodies of “Call of the Night,” which sees her capture her sexuality in confident brilliance, Yarlie then brings out an anthemic combination of sultry guitars and groovy beats on “Cloudberries," before finishing off with the smooth crescendo of “Wreck.” Tapping into her love for synths while also infusing experimental elements that weave sensual, bold dance-pop vibes, Stupid With a Sore Heart is a personal journey of love and confidence, framed by warm, dreamy sonics and powerful songwriting . This is most explicit in stand-out track “OK,” a heartfelt exploration of body image laid on a bed of sassy vocals and tantalizing energy moulded around the crux of the lyric "Don't let me think we're broken if we're OK," drawn from a text Yarlie sent an ex. 

A collection of tracks that gives us glimpse of the explosive talent’s heart and mind, Stupid With a Sore Heart is a strong debut, marking the self-made act’s sonic refinement. Splitting her time between Stockholm’s vibrant city centre and the north of Sweden, the artist who slowly and steadily built a loyal fanbase with her swirling electronic soundscapes offers us earworm music that equally feels at home on quiet mornings or bustling nights.

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