Yasin helps us all “Stay Strong” [Video]

Yasin is here to help anyone struggling with their mental health, releasing his supportive new track “Stay Strong.”
A Bay Area native, Yasin brings his own flavor to the LA hip-hop scene with his music. Dropping another single this year “Blessings + Curses,” Yasin has a tendency to create music that addresses the struggles of everyday life, particularly centering around mental health. He also adds an element of fun to the subject matter of his substantive tracks, and “Stay strong” is no exception.
Rapping about mental health awareness and suicide prevention, Yasin creates a space where it’s okay for inner turmoil to present itself, warning us that we should be cautious of how we treat people. These impactful words are beautifully mirrored in the music video, where he is seen being there for his friends and anyone going through it. His vulnerability to speak on these issues and connect with us through the words is definitely courageous. Sonically, the intriguing beats bring to life a mixture of trap, pop, and rap, making this not only music with meaning but also exciting moving that we can move along to. Stay tuned for his upcoming new tracks that are also set to drop in the upcoming months. 
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