Yolo Ru Lays It On Thick With “Enemies”

A famous name from North Carolina rapper Yolo Ru is known for spilling some serious lyrics over sick beats. He is back with yet another great hit titled “Enemies.”

Playing it fast and loose with the lyrics, Yolo Ru is set to send a clear message to his rivals. The song is an evident representation of his skills and talents as a rapper and melodic artist.

“Enemies” packs a punch with plenty of swag and gangster power, making it a go-to track for an exciting adventure. Yolo Ru perfectly meshes in hues of hip-hop to bring the beat down to a smooth rendition as he spills out relatable lyrics.

The song was also released with a matching music video as the artist is seen taking center stage with his rap vibes and unbreakable demeanor. The visuals are produced by Ru Gang Records and shot by Otto The Director.. With guns, cash, and rap verses flying about, Yolo Ru is right under the spotlight as a definite must-watch.

His previous track “Got It On Me,” with brother Koon Ru, was only the beginning of his musical achievements, as Yolo Ru is rising to make a household name for himself.