You have to “Admit It”, Erika Tham is a star in the making

You might be familiar with LA-singer Erika Tham: before today, she acted in shows like Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop and the Disney Channel Original Movie Kim Possible. However, Erika is making the transition to her true passion, music. She first did so when, a couple of months ago, she released her first single, “Admit It.” Today, however, she presents us with its beautiful, acoustic rendition.

“Admit It” showcases Tham’s maturity away from the children's’ networks, really becoming her own person. The song shares vulnerable lyrics about not feeling completely present in relationships and wanting to protect herself and the other party from heartbreak. The original song already sounded cool with the combo of a trap backbeat and Asian stringed-instruments, a tribute to her Chinese-Malaysian background, behind her sultry vocals. This acoustic version, though, gives the song a new and different life. With just a piano accompanying her, this version relies heavily on Tham’s poignant vocals. Simply said, it’s very reflective and beautiful.

So far, Tham’s been working with some big names in the industry, those who have also worked with famous artists. Even in the music video for this acoustic track, Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Brian Kennedy plays on the piano. That should also be telling of how much talent she has.

Tham has yet to release her debut EP later this year, so stay in touch for when new singles come out along the way.

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