Young, hard and handsome Walt Disco return with “Cut Your Hair”

My favourite Glasgow six-piece Walt Disco return with the iridescent “Cut Your Hair”. Underlined with a hearty bassline, jangly guitar licks and interwoven with silky keys, the single is gloriously exuberant and melodramatic. 

Promising an amalgamation of feel good sounds, “Cut Your Hair” exhibits Walt Disco at their finest. Hard-hitting melodies and insanely addictive riffs, the single is a bold, prismatic number. Inspired by the likes of 80s New Wave acts such as Talking Heads and queer pop icons St Vincent and Charli XCX, Walt Disco are solidifying their status as a band empowering listeners with their glamour and self-expression. Effortlessly weaving between genres, both fluid and unassuming, “Cut Your Hair” is absolutely golden.

“Not only do we love this music but we also want to be a band for 2020 and the future,” explains vocalist James Power. “”Cut Your Hair” was written as a wee fun jibe at people passing judgement to those who are just being themselves. I think older generations can learn a lot from us YOUNG HARD AND HANDSOME folk. I mean our generation are the most tolerant and accepting, ever, and we should all aspire to live in a world where self expression and free speech is championed.”

There’s also a jazzy dance routine for this, so keep your eye out for the kaleidoscopic visuals dropping next week.

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