Young Summer’s “Make Waves” music video is a dreamy journey with whimsical visuals

Young Summer, the indie-pop artist from Nashville, released a new single called “Make Waves” and an adorable music video. The song has a seductive rebellious vibe that takes the listeners to enchanting romance and limitless freedom.

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The song “Make Waves” is a beautifully layered piece of music that combines a pulsating bassline, intoxicating percussion, and velvety guitar to create a celestial soundscape. Young Summer’s honeyed vocals gracefully move between the chorus and verse, evoking the sensation of a warm breeze rustling through leaves. The track is full of playful passion and desire, creating an emotional landscape to captivate the listener.

Young Summer has shared that “Make Waves” is a love song that encourages letting go of control and being content with whatever happens next. The song’s hypnotic production perfectly reflects its message of surrender and vulnerability, drawing listeners into a dreamy sonic realm. It’s like a spell being cast.

The captivating music video showcases Young Summer’s enchanting relationship with a river monster resembling a fish. The creature is enticed by colorful macaroons from a nearby creek, adding to the video’s magical realism. The narrative blends Allen’s passion for 60s cinema and monsters to create a mesmerizing world where this mystical romance can flourish.

Young Summer, the singer-songwriter also known as Bobbie Allen, rose to fame in 2014 with her debut album “Siren.” Her music has a unique ethereal sound, and her heartfelt songwriting has earned her recognition. She has also written tracks for renowned musicians like Echosmith, Karen Elson, and Mat Kearney. In 2020, Young Summer collaborated with producer Konrad Snyder to release two singles, “If The World Falls To Pieces” and “The Emperor.” These tracks have set the stage for her highly anticipated second album, which is expected to be released later this year.

In “Make Waves,” Young Summer explores dreamy rebellion and captivates listeners with a mystical glimpse into her upcoming album.

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