Yung Xavi checks in with intriguing new record, “Make the Cut”

Battling through addiction is one of the toughest things known to man. On the flip side, actually getting through that battle and seeing the other side, has to be one of the most rewarding. Hailing from Los Angeles, Yung Xavi has been slowly but surely setting himself up for a big year in 2021 after battling through addiction and anxiety in the years before. Aligning himself with popular producers like J. Beatzz and Buddah Bless, he’s built a buzz for himself on the back of a couple single. Returning to finish the year off, he unveils his new release, “Make the Cut.”

Buoyed by infectious string melodies and thumping bass-kicks, “Make the Cut,” is a bouncy, engaging song that can be enjoyed one of two ways. Of the interesting things about the track, the most intriguing is the direct contrast in what it sounds like, and what’s being said. Produced by Buddah Bless, the aforementioned melodies create a fun and carefree experience for the listener, one that’s completely different when you start listening to the words. Utilizing his unique ability to completely relate with listeners, he pens poignant lyrics like, “Playing this game and not a damn things changed, feeling insane, always me who is blamed. Feeling alone just tryna find my way back home, into my dome it’s a hell of a zone.” Speaking on emotions like depression, isolation, anxiety and more, the duality of, “Make the Cut,” makes it one of the better recent releases.

Check out the single above and get familiar with Yung Xavi, who’s set to release his debut album, To Jonathan, a tribute to his late father, in 2021. 

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