Yury makes a “Statement” about independence and authenticity [Video]

With winter’s chokehold tightening every passing day, there are two words that burrow their way into our vocabulary: dark and cold. Yury, a New York-based hip-hop artist, producer and engineer perfectly embodies those concepts with “Statement”. Bringing an onslaught of blunt- impact bars in a dead-eyed monotone, Yury crafts an insidious, chilling experience.

The single’s sparse, self-produced instrumental is alive. “Statement” breathes and writhes with airy, phantom leads and swelling, pulsing bass hits. Every element of the beat feels like the throbbing organs and taught sinews of some demonic creature stalking game. Intimately mixed, Yury’s nonchalant gravelly delivery adds flame to the hell-scape, evoking eerily similar feelings of serenity and impending doom.

“Statement” and its subject matter heavily focuses on Yury’s pride as an independent artist, being able to see visions and realise them without relying on outside forces. From this release’s masterful production, commanding presence and expertly constructed mood, it’s obvious that this pride is justified.

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