Zachary Knowles’ creates a vineyard of tasteful cadences on “cherry wine” [Video]

Magnolia, Texas native Zachary Knowles is an artist surely on the rise. The indie-R&B songwriter/instrumentalist returns with his latest single “cherry wine,” which is lifted his forthcoming EP magnolia out this May. The release of “cherry wine” is accompanied by its music video.

Knowles offers up honeyed vocals while he straddles the sonic outlines of introspective bedroom-pop and pacific R&B inflections. Propelled by the subtleness of a minimal production and an eloquent falsetto, “cherry wine” flows toward the direction of a sonic haven where one can find equanimity in a time of difficulty. The crystalized chorus, “You’re sweet like cherry wine, something so divine, I can’t enough of you, even if I tried,” displays Knowles proclivity for earnest lyrics as it relates to the undeniable feeling of falling madly in love. Deeply absorbing and painstakingly beautiful, “cherry wine” places love in the forefront and honestly, that’s where it belongs every time.

Catching up with Knowles via email, he shared this about the song, “The meaning behind ‘cherry wine’ is super personal. I wrote about what life looked like before I was dating the girl I love. Before we started dating I was crazy about her (at the age of 14 haha that’s crazy to say) but didn’t know if she felt the same. I wanted to capture what that time of my life felt like. ‘cherry wine’ is most definitely a love song, and in the end it all worked out. I’m happy I’m able to share this moment in time. It’s a really special song.”

The upcoming 5-track EP magnolia follows the release of Knowles’ 2018 debut feelings EP. He previously released the 2020 singles, “ghost,” “I don’t feel the same,” and “Mutual Love,” a collaboration Island Records’ artist/producer Shallou.

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