Zane Coppard explores the ease of living honestly on new album 'A Solar Flair'

Multi-faceted artist Zane Coppard drops self-reflective album A Solar Flair—an inspiring journey of self-reflection and curiosity embedded in a heart of bold musicality. With experimental elements of psychedelia oozing into a trademark alt-pop sound, the album is a lush production that draws us in with hypnotic sonics, urging us to consider daily life from new perspectives.

Inspired by Coppard’s conscious effort “to have a more healthy relationship with the world,” the album is vulnerable yet powerful bringing to life equal points of pain and hope. Opening with ethereal, piano-led stylings of "Gateway," before moving into the pounding, frantic beats of " More Human," the 12-track album is immediately established as eclectic and genre-defying. 

From the glitchy styling of “Universe Pull,” led by a haunting swirl of synths and pulsing beats to the emotive tug of his hazy vocals in “The Arrow,” A Solar Flair is transportive, taking us into the world Coppard has woven with intricate instrumentals. On slow-build offering, “Relationship To Nature,” thoughtful lyricism on the complexity of our relationship to nature meets a melancholic soundscape of heavy beats and his rich vocals.

While the layered stylings of “Always Find A Reason,” is an intoxicating listen that lulls us before the sonic variations of the following tracks take us by surprise. Despite its thematic innovation and initial sonic versatility, a large section of the album sounds and feels similar, anxious yet hyper-emotive.

Until, the softer touch of piano-tinged, spoken-word style "Children Of The Sun," and the delicate, echoing soundscape of "Afterlife," reminds us of Coppard's far-reaching musicality before jolting us with an anthemic yet foreboding finish of “Universe Pull ( Evan Konrad remix).”

The aim of the album, Coppard explains is highlighting, “how easy living honestly can be.” Drawing from the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, which he read during lockdown, he attempts to weave encouragements ushering each of us to become more respectful, patient and well-adjusted in every note and lyric of the project.

With vast musical influences and the experience of growing up with a musician father coming together, Coppard’s music is one that brings the nuances of childhood passion for music with his refined ability to break the barriers of pop, infusing human experiences into his craft in ways that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking. Always showcasing new sides of his artistry with each release since his first in 2018, Coppard’s authenticity, dedication and expertise has established him as someone made for stardom in the psychedelic alt-pop scene.

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