Zee finds love and heartbreak on ‘Summer ’98’

LA-based Canadian artist, songwriter, and producer ZEE makes his entry on EM with his debut EP Summer ‘98.  A seven-track body of work that takes inspiration from ’90s R&B, classic hip-hop rhythms and effortlessly blends the two genres with his own unique twist. ZEE writes and produces most of the songs on the project, with some additional help from his longtime collaborators such as Plaino, Myles Jacob, and Rawsmoov.

The opening track “Amazing” sets the tone, as ZEE basks in the light of love over bright lush textures. ZEE knows how to make these summer-tinged joints sound easy with his catchy hooks and bouncy backdrops. “All I Need” flips Nelly’s classic “Dilemma” and reworks it in an inventive way that raises the energy levels of the original. ZEE is in reflective mode on the song and reminisces on how he might have lost a good one with lyrics like, “I never meant to let you go, you a star shining from the head to toe/I was lost, you was trying to find my soul.”

Another standout from the EP is the retro-R&B fusion “Crazy Enough” and its throbbing basslines, warm synths, and vibrant drum arrangements. The closing track “Letting Go” is a mix of vibrant textures, nostalgic horns, and a clever vocal sample to drive home his message of moving on from his past relationship. ZEE wraps it up on a solid note to fully encapsulate this journey of love from the highs to the lows.

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