Zeki 808 embodies the Ilian Tape sound in new EP “Give Thanks”

London’s Zeki 808 has become the latest artist to release an EP via Munich’s genre-defying Ilian Tape label. Following Surgeon’s impressive release in February, Zeki 808 had big shoes to fill—this was done with ease. Lending elements from techno, drum and bass, breakbeat and beyond, Give Thanks stays true to the unique Ilian Tape sound.

“Present” confidently sets the tone for the rest of the six-track EP. Brimming with energy, subtle breaks and a splattering of electro-fuelled bleeps, Zeki 808 exhibits his fine-tuned ability to create music which is exuberant, yet tastefully refined. “Hole Flow” displays a similar sound, albeit a touch darker, before “Mersh” begins to kick things up a notch. Applying a more relentless bassline, the lack of any sort of peak or trough throughout this track points towards it being a certified melter on the dancefloor.

“Live Wire” is where things start to reaching melting point; this one’s just as vigorous as the name might suggest. Though the first couple of minutes are slow burners, it’s obvious that the wait is going to be worth it. Dubby, bass-y, and some choppy vocals added in for good measure, “Live Wire” could easily be the standout track on most records. The standout on Give Thanks, however, goes to “White Label.” With a myriad of different sounds exploding from all angles, it’s hard to know what to concentrate on. The warped bass, breakbeats and barely-there vocals all lend themselves to the track perfectly to stir up this wicked concoction.

“The Beach” draws the EP to a close in style. It’s not quite as intense as “White Label,” slowing things down but keeping the energy levels high enough for the track to be stimulating; an admirable feat given the track it follows. Give Thanks is an incredible testimony to Zeki 808’s talents as a producer, and further showcases Ilian Tape’s ear for memorable music and stars of the future.

Give Thanks can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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