Zoe Berman's "Manuka Honey" is warm, romantic nostalgia

Hailing from the gorgeous and dense natural landscapes of Denver, Colorado, eclectic singer-songwriter Zoe Berman just released her new single entitled "Manuka Honey," which is from her latest EP Freezing Heat. The artist, who has a musical background in both classical and jazz, is best known for her diverse range of sounds and an unorthodox approach to songwriting, which puts her in the same lineage as great singers and musicians such as Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse. 

In "Manuka Honey," Berman pays tribute to her time spent in Wellington, New Zealand. The song, which is as soft as a feather and as romantic as a sweet serenade, is a collection of fond memories and tokens from her time abroad, as she explored her life in a new way and connected with the inspiration around her. With warm and rich vocals, the song has a calming, nostalgic effect and the listener is instantly pulled into this "romantic lullaby." Tender piano and softly flowing soundscapes create a jazz induced trance, and the listener is invited to relish in their own memories, desires, and fantasies. Perfect for a late night drive or as an escape from daily realities, this song will lift you up and give you a warm and enchanting embrace. 

Zoe Berman writes songs about her experiences as well as the significant experiences of those around her. Deeply moved by the natural world and our human existence, Berman's storytelling is cinematic by nature and filled with deep wisdom and untethered self-reflection. Her ability to fuse elements of soul, jazz, Americana and pop gives her the ability to connect with a wide range of listeners in an unconventional and stylistic way. Berman's latest EP Freezing Heat, according to the press release "reflects the various sonic styles and influences that make up my musical vernacular and as such, offer a little something for listeners of many different musical tastes to enjoy."

Listen to Zoe Berman's new single "Manuka Honey" and get lost in this sweet escape.

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