Zoë Moss explores a rebellious love in “The Fantasy”

Stories, the upcoming debut EP by rising pop artist Zoë Moss, continues to charge up some serious voltage with the latest jolt coming from the edgy single “The Fantasy.” Moss holds nothing back in the new track, inviting a world of vulnerability, pain, fear, and rebellion against that same fear to consume her and the listener alike. The galloping beat, sinister synth slides, and robust bass all provide a vehicle for Moss’ defiant and assured vocals that dare love in each lyric to do its worst.

Residing amid Brooklyn’s eternal artistic sprawl, Zoë Moss has been building to this debut record since childhood, finding outlets for her creativity, forming an identity, and keeping her eye on the most important aspect of it all: liberty of expression. In “The Fantasy,” Moss uses these experiences to take pop music into the deep waters it deserves to swim in; it could be said that pop music was already headed toward the raw, but artists like Moss are for sure its electric pulse propelling it there.

Moss says of the song: “I dubbed it my ‘cynical love song’ because the story behind it is exactly that. It’s about the feeling you get when you meet someone new and think to yourself ‘oh no you could be trouble for me.'” Even if that is so, the singer-songwriter talent takes on the danger in a revolutionary way and reminds us that life is all about chances. Zoë Moss decided long ago that life is lived and loved one chance at a time, and she is ready to go deep to discover its truths.

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